What’s special about us?

We focus on internet of things messaging, artificial intelligence, and machine learning (10 patents and counting!). With a single API, we bring together developers, manufacturers, and the most popular communications channels.


Unification Engine

We created the world’s first intelligent IoT Messaging platform, UnificationEngine. UE enables products and software to communicate with people and things.

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The Internet of Communications

With UE, you can receive alerts and notifications at work, at home, and on the go from your connected devices on the communications channels you use most.
Without downloading an additional app, you can control your home, your car, your business, your city, and more.

Use Cases

Unified Inbox Products

We created our own products with UE


See how our SHOUT emergency broadcast communications product saves lives.

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Outbox Pro

Outbox Pro

Try our Outbox Pro social media governance, compliance, and publishing product.

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Media Flow

Media Flow

Learn how researchers are using our Media Flow communications analytics product.

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