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Maximizing Virtualization Investments in the Middle East

Fri 26 Aug 2016·by Gulraiz Khalid

It’s worthwhile for IT decision-makers to pause to think about practical ways to increase the value of existing investments while simultaneously planning for exciting future opportunities.

Nigel Artificial Intelligence Learns Common Sense Via Observation

Wed 24 Aug 2016·by Gulraiz Khalid

In an AI industry first, Kimera System’s Nigel artificial general intelligence technology applies common sense actions to relevant situations it determined through unsupervised learning and observation

Fog computing can help IoT meet its performance demands

Tue 23 Aug 2016·by Gulraiz Khalid

Fog computing is a newer approach that seems promising in tackling performance issues of IoT

Digital Transformation Can’t Be Left to the Experts

Mon 22 Aug 2016·by Gulraiz Khalid

For a marketplace where digitally mature companies compete for dominance, the current process around IT management are not going to work.

The Jobs IoT Will Remove -- and the Ones It Will Create

Sun 21 Aug 2016·by Gulraiz Khalid

Many jobs will be replaced not just by IoT but by the rise of the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our everyday living, from smart cars, Internet-wired security systems, to fertility-measuring breeding devices.

Artificial Intelligence and the Abundance of Labor

Sat 20 Aug 2016·by Gulraiz Khalid

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change the world around us. Labor will no longer be scarce; it won’t force us to focus on the strictly necessary and forego pursuing the things that high labor costs have prohibited.

App Fatigue: Is There An App For That?

Fri 19 Aug 2016·by Gulraiz Khalid

Within the past decade, the market has become saturated with ecommerce apps, games apps, social media apps, and the list goes on and on.

IoT and AI: The Digital Chicken and the Egg

Wed 17 Aug 2016·by Gulraiz Khalid

AI is the brain that makes IoT run. It is the command center that runs the whole thing efficiently. It creates order and purpose out of seeming chaos.

Robust Security Platform = Policy Management + Authentication + Authorization + Accounting

Tue 16 Aug 2016·by Gulraiz Khalid

The platform must also be agile and sophisticated enough to embrace new levels of enforcement mechanisms for security in a mobile world.

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