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Is Snapchat the answer to social media ADHD?

Tue 31 May 2016·by Ken Herron

Our lives, including careers, children, volunteering, a second job, family, friends, social clubs, sports, reality TV, etc., have helped to make us multi-tasking machines. Many of us can’t sit still for more than five minutes, have way too many things on our minds, must schedule everything in Google Calendar, and have no time to stop and smell the roses. People are uber-busy. So busy, that we even call Uber because we have no time to even drive ourselves to our next meeting.

Is content's value unsustainable?

Sat 28 May 2016·by Ken Herron

Most people are shocked to learn that Pharrell, the songwriter for “Happy,” the song that was as successful as a song can get, only earned $2,700 in royalties for writing a song with 45 million (and counting) streams. The rewards for mega success for an artist these days can only be described as paltry.

So what has happened? How can this be?

Blend In, To Stand Out

Thu 26 May 2016·by Ken Herron

It’s never been as simple as choosing a photo to include in a social media post, and pushing it out there.  And that has become even more important of a statement in recent years.  Social media platforms like Facebook, are continually changing their algorithm to place a more significant importance on paid ads.  Because of this, your ability to reach users with your content organically is becoming more and more difficult.  You most likely are feeling like you are producing content that no one sees, and you’re not growing your overall reach, likes, followers, and engagement numbers as you once did in the past.  Although this can be extremely frustrating, and you may feel like you have no way to improve upon your online standing, and have no budget to place into paid ads, there are ways to combat this and retain what you worked so hard to earn.

Will Artificial Intelligence replace us?

Wed 25 May 2016·by Ken Herron

In articles, movies, books and TV shows, speculation has been rife that artificial intelligence is going to make us all redundant. Well, most of us, a useless underclass where we are outclassed by AI on every level, our jobs being done better by AI replacements. Facebook has just opened up Messenger to a number of chatbots, which haven’t strictly been one hundred percent reliable or user-friendly, not to mention Microsoft’s AI twitter bot, Tay, taking a nasty turn into racism and sexism.

The LinkedIn Video BLT: Branding, Leadership, and Talent

Tue 24 May 2016·by Ken Herron

We know that comedy, beautiful women and cute animals are what goes viral on YouTube, Vine and Snapchat.  But understand that this is not the type of content that your professional Linkedin audience wants to see.  Don't succumb to what everyone else is doing.  You will taint your brand and not be taken seriously.  Your purpose for sharing video on Linkedin is trifold.  Bring awareness to your brand, position your company as the industry thought-leader, and attract business and top talent. 

Marketing's new frontier is — you

Mon 23 May 2016·by Ken Herron

Marketing is hard — harder than it used to be. Your marketing is supposed to generate motivated leads that your sales team can convert to sales. Yes, your product might be genuinely better than the competitor and you have some compelling unique selling point. The problem is that your customers don’t believe you. Marketing has lost the trust of the customers.


The silent movie has returned...via Facebook

Sat 21 May 2016·by Ken Herron

Did you know that 85% of Facebook video is watched without sound?  If Charlie Chaplin were here today, he would be a social media sensation.  Hilarious, and silent.  We have a winner!

Mass sensoring with graphene-powered IoT

Wed 18 May 2016·by Ken Herron

As with IoT, graphene has been heralded to have extraordinary potential. The potential of both have been talked about extensively for a few years. Graphene has been described as the wonder material with broad and important applications. Institutes have been created to advance the study and application of graphene. It is an incredibly thin material, one atom thick, that will make our electronics flexible, it’s a super capacitor and super conductive. It is stronger than steel, as well as rust proof, a perfect membrane, and significantly improves the efficiency of solar panels. These are only some of the important uses for graphene.

Why Facebook for Business?

Mon 16 May 2016·by Ken Herron

Many companies pay great attention to the media and what they frequently say about how millennials are leaving Facebook for Instagram and SnapChat.  And that may be somewhat true.  But if you are one of these corporate marketing directors, stop and ask yourself this.  Are millennials even my target audience?  Because if not, whatever statement the media makes about millennials is irrelevant to the success of your marketing plan.  Be steadfast, understand your target audience, and don't jump ship without thinking it through first.  Facebook is too valuable to be abandoned.

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