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Posting to Twitter, Facebook & Co. from Within Your App

Fri 18 Dec 2015·by Emy Carlan

So you have an app and you need to publish posts on social media platforms - e.g. when the user clicks an option or some other trigger is pulled? Search no further, this is where all your questions are being answered.

Observations made at IoT World Europe

Thu 08 Oct 2015·by Toby Ruckert

In the past couple of days I attended the IoT (Internet of Things) World Europe conference in Berlin, Germany. There were many exhibitors, presenters and sponsors from the IoT world present and it was very interesting to learn where IoT is at right now. Rather than writing a lengthy blog post though, I decided to do a quick tweetstorm.

Meet us: We are a Finalist of IOT 2015 in Berlin

Mon 05 Oct 2015·by Carsten Czech

We are happy to announce that UIB is a finalist of the Internet of Things World Europe in Berlin. Come join us at

Work Life Balance Is Dead In Your Bathrooms!

Fri 21 Aug 2015·by Upasna Kakroo

53% of employees have responded to emails from a bathroom. I can no longer mourn Work life balance!

How to Win Your Fight with Email Overload

Mon 13 Jul 2015·by Upasna Kakroo

Help! I'm drowning in email! Three steps to winning your fight with email overload and increasing your productivity by managing your inbox with Unified Inbox's 5-Ds.

Downtime Matters: Late-Night Emails Hurt Your Team

Tue 12 May 2015·by Upasna Kakroo
Recently, while finishing up a marathon work week, my husband politely asked me to step away from the keyboard.

How to Optimize Your Posts for Different Social Networks

Wed 29 Apr 2015·by Upasna Kakroo

Similar to our discussion on why a brand needs to keep its voice, it’s also important to remember that every social network has its own unique voice.

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