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Redtone IoT and Unified Inbox partner to integrate IoT devices with Social Media

Tue 26 Jul 2016·by Gulraiz Khalid

Unified Inbox’s IoT Messaging capabilities to be integrated into REDtone IOT’s CitiSense Smart City IoT platform to increase cities’ safety, efficiency and resiliency

The End of the Ordinary: Ideas Explode as Startups Get into IoT

Mon 25 Jul 2016·by Gulraiz Khalid

If digital technology is the cradle that turns ideas into innovation, then the Internet of Things (IoT) is the nursery that watches over their explosion---into various combinations and permutations that stretch the imagination.

IoT’s Important Role in Managing Electricity Demand

Sun 24 Jul 2016·by Gulraiz Khalid

There is a pressing need to manage demand through more mass market response, and this is where IoT plays a crucial role. IoT has the potential to remotely manage almost anything consuming electricity, and en masse.

The Top 5 Companies That Will Make You Think of IoT

Fri 22 Jul 2016·by Gulraiz Khalid

Out of the top 20 IoT leaders right now, an unforgettable five will be the ones that can manage that transition quickly, by creating new products and integrating them under their umbrella, while leveraging on their brand name for easier audience recall.  In just five years, whenever you buy their gadget or hear their name, the first thing you’ll think of is the Internet of Things.

Application performance as a KPI for e-commerce

Thu 21 Jul 2016·by Gulraiz Khalid

Web application load times can make the difference between your e-business thriving or dying. Speedy load times are so essential to a web application’s success that they should be considered a key performance indicator.

Surviving the Century of Data Growth

Wed 20 Jul 2016·by Gulraiz Khalid

Dramatic business digital transformation, the Internet of Things (IoT), and everyday digital activities are driving immense data growth worldwide. IT leaders are responding to this progressive data growth by shifting toward converged and hyper-converged IT infrastructures. 

3 IoT Visionaries Driving its Digital Direction

Tue 19 Jul 2016·by Gulraiz Khalid

Expect these three names to come up on your radar, as the ideas they are bringing to life in their research laboratories will have a heavy influence on what industry practitioners are describing as the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Document Capture Project Failed to Deliver? Avoid Common Tech Implementation Mistakes

Mon 18 Jul 2016·by Gulraiz Khalid

Digital transformation isn’t just a means to a competitive edge or an efficient business —it’s crucial to success. Maximize the ROI of your new capture system by overcoming 4 common barriers.

IoT: Let’s not forget the consumer

Sat 16 Jul 2016·by Gulraiz Khalid

IoT is set to revolutionize the world and the eye watering growth rates for IoT can’t help but impress. There is a whiff of gold rush in the air. But a gold rush always contains a touch of the fantastical. Not everyone that rushes in ends up wealthy.

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