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The LinkedIn Video BLT: Branding, Leadership, and Talent

Tue 24 May 2016·by Ken Herron

We know that comedy, beautiful women and cute animals are what goes viral on YouTube, Vine and Snapchat.  But understand that this is not the type of content that your professional Linkedin audience wants to see.  Don't succumb to what everyone else is doing.  You will taint your brand and not be taken seriously.  Your purpose for sharing video on Linkedin is trifold.  Bring awareness to your brand, position your company as the industry thought-leader, and attract business and top talent. 

Marketing's new frontier is — you

Mon 23 May 2016·by Ken Herron

Marketing is hard — harder than it used to be. Your marketing is supposed to generate motivated leads that your sales team can convert to sales. Yes, your product might be genuinely better than the competitor and you have some compelling unique selling point. The problem is that your customers don’t believe you. Marketing has lost the trust of the customers.


The silent movie has returned...via Facebook

Sat 21 May 2016·by Ken Herron

Did you know that 85% of Facebook video is watched without sound?  If Charlie Chaplin were here today, he would be a social media sensation.  Hilarious, and silent.  We have a winner!

Mass sensoring with graphene-powered IoT

Wed 18 May 2016·by Ken Herron

As with IoT, graphene has been heralded to have extraordinary potential. The potential of both have been talked about extensively for a few years. Graphene has been described as the wonder material with broad and important applications. Institutes have been created to advance the study and application of graphene. It is an incredibly thin material, one atom thick, that will make our electronics flexible, it’s a super capacitor and super conductive. It is stronger than steel, as well as rust proof, a perfect membrane, and significantly improves the efficiency of solar panels. These are only some of the important uses for graphene.

Why Facebook for Business?

Mon 16 May 2016·by Ken Herron

Many companies pay great attention to the media and what they frequently say about how millennials are leaving Facebook for Instagram and SnapChat.  And that may be somewhat true.  But if you are one of these corporate marketing directors, stop and ask yourself this.  Are millennials even my target audience?  Because if not, whatever statement the media makes about millennials is irrelevant to the success of your marketing plan.  Be steadfast, understand your target audience, and don't jump ship without thinking it through first.  Facebook is too valuable to be abandoned.

The IoT race’s past and present players

Sat 14 May 2016·by Ken Herron

We all know the phenomenal business case for the Internet of Things (IoT). The forecasts by reputable researchers say it presents an enormous untapped market, but in order to understand how it will evolve, it pays to look at its history. Communications with things has been around for a long time, its began back in the 1970s.

IoT in the Insurance Industry

Thu 12 May 2016·by Ken Herron

We have all heard that digital transformation is reshaping the world, and we have all followed the meteoric rise of the rock stars in this space. These companies tend to be natives to this new digital age, created to be a digital company from the start. If only we could all set up business models from scratch, tailored perfectly to capabilities of new technologies coming on line, but for the vast majority, that isn’t true. Most companies are not native to the new digital age, but immigrants.

How to leverage social media at your next event

Fri 06 May 2016·by Ken Herron

Social media improves the ROI of the time and money you invest in participating in live events. Use it to identify and attract the people you want to connect with most. If 90% of the attendees at a given conference aren't a "match," why not focus your energy on getting to know and scheduling times to meet the 10% who are?


Posting to Twitter, Facebook & Co. from Within Your App

Fri 18 Dec 2015·by Emy Carlan

So you have an app and you need to publish posts on social media platforms - e.g. when the user clicks an option or some other trigger is pulled? Search no further, this is where all your questions are being answered.

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