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Why should YOU work at Unified Inbox?

We work from anywhere

Unified Inbox’s company culture is a strategic function that helps keep our team members aligned with our brand, and our brand aligned with our customers. Our customers are global, our team members are global, and our owners are global. It is therefore essential for all of us to continually seek to better understand and then leverage the insights gleaned from our stakeholders’ different cultures.

One of the ways we do this is by having periodic Global Business Meetings in different countries around the world. Eligibility is based on the team member’s performance, and subject to approval by the senior management team.

Where will our next Global Business Meeting be?

Come join us and find out!

What our team members say

As a marketer, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the impact of what you do.
Ken Herron, Chief Marketing Officer
How many times in your career do you think you’ll be able to change the way people communicate? That’s exactly what we’re doing, right now.
Carsten Czech, Head of Design
We help people by removing the barriers to communications. Come join us!
Emy Carlan, Manager Developer Program
Joining Unified Inbox is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with a truly international team from Singapore, China, Germany, the UAE, the US, India, and New Zealand.
Aby, Chief Technology Officer
Florian Andes
Unified Inbox taught me what it’s really like to work in a dynamic global tech startup environment. I was able to develop my own ideas and manage my own intelligent IoT messaging and Connected Car projects. Working at Unified Inbox gave me the freedom to work from anywhere, with the added incentives and benefits of startup equity, great networking, and international business travel!
Florian, Business Development Intern
Unified Inbox was my first job and it was a totally new experience in comparison to school. From the first day, I worked as part of a team. So I had to behave like a member of one. I had responsibility and it was a good feeling to know that you are part of a big project. You feel kind of proud. I am happy to call myself a Unified Inboxer!
Vanessa Dorynek, Support/Accounts Intern
I have seen a fast-growing team. I learned how ambitious a team can be to achieve a vision, of which everyone knows is needed. I learned what it means to be in a startup company, how flexible and fast-paced things are needed sometimes and to rely on the feedback we get from outside. Unified Inbox is a powerful app with a complex set of functions that helps you in dealing with your messages. Our goal was to put it all together to form a great user experience.
Franziska Mueller, Design (UX/UI) Intern
Here at Unified Inbox, interns aren’t just human photocopiers or coffee cookers, but get to do actual work. I have learned how it is to work in a company, how to manage my time (and the stress of deadlines), how to work in a team, and what it means to rely on others and have others rely on you and so much more.
Max Alsleben, Marketing Intern

Open Positions and Internships

Our people strategy is simple. We are always hiring smart people who can help us to achieve our goals.

Interested in becoming one of our global interns?

Typically, our interns are pursuing their graduate and PhD degrees.
We also welcome retired executives interested in learning the IoT space.


Unified Inbox’s Global Intern Program

The ONLY Internet of Things Messaging company intern program that lets you work from anywhere in the world you have an internet connection.

  • a ski slope
  • a tropical island
  • Bismarck, North Dakota USA
  • Chongqing, China

Where you work from doesn’t matter. Who you are as a person does.

Well, that, and you do need to have an excellent internet connection (and we’re a Bring Your Own Device company, so you’ll also need a late-model computer and iOS or Android mobile phone).