Cybus and UIB Demonstrate Ease and Security of IIoT Communications Live at Hannover Messe

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The only booth at Hannover Messe with an open API, delegates who participate in Cybus + UIB’s demo will learn how Cybus’ secure IIoT connectivity and UIB’s intelligent

Cybus und UIB: Zusammenarbeit für sichere Kommunikation des industriellen Internet der Dinge

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Die sichere „Industrial IoT“-Technologie von Cybus und die intelligente IoT-Plattform von UIB werden genutzt um innovative Lösungen für die Industrie zu schaffen. Für Hersteller und Betreiber werden Fernüberwachung


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Cybus’ secure IIoT technology and UIB’s intelligent IoT messaging platform are being used to create innovative industry 4.0 solutions that will make remote monitoring and predictive maintenance easier

Smart condo conundrum: Talk to appliances, or text them?

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In today's so-called smart home, you can dim the lights, order more toothpaste or tell the kids to go to bed simply by talking to a small Wifi-connected

Unified Inbox and IBM Watson deepen conversation between people and machines

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Unified Inbox’s UnificationEngine™ platform enables businesses to provide innovative new IoT smart home, smart enterprise and smart city solutions IBM (NYSE: IBM) has announced it is collaborating with Unified

Chirp and UIB Collaborate for easy, agile onboarding of IoT devices through secure, data-over-sound technology

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Chirp’s data-over-sound technology is being used by Unified Inbox to create innovative smart home, smart enterprise, and smart city intelligent IoT messaging solutions that will make provisioning of

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