Our People & Culture

Our people – whose diversity mirrors the countries, languages, ages, genders, races, ethnicities, orientations and experiences of our customers – create our company’s culture

What makes us unique

Everyone has a different perspective. So how and why we do things in a certain way defines us even more than the products we make or the services we sell.

We’re a distributed team and work from a home office, a co-working space, a friend’s office, a coffee house, or whatever place makes us the most productive at that time. We are global by design, and have chosen five locations around the world to establish small regional centers to grow and maintain a local presence.

Our mission is to give people back the time and focus that has been lost over the past two decades. Technology altered the communications landscape and behaviors so dramatically, that one person can no longer process the information they now have available to them.

The future of how we communicate is in simplifying experiences. By making the complex simple, we can create the freedom of connectivity which will enable us all to integrate our life and work harmoniously.

While positivity is key to overcoming obstacles and stipulating innovation, neutrality makes it sustainable. Our focus on diversity, including intercultural and intergenerational exchange, provides us with a 360-degree view of the problems we’re solving and keeps us curious as to how they’re evolving.

At Unified Inbox, we are writing history. We want to inspire and support other entrepreneurs and startups along the way, by creating a social business which not just touches, but truly helps to enrich and fulfill the lives of people around the world – including our own.

Our Values

Here are our company’s six values.
These values came from the founder and heads of each of our departments.

#1 Respect

Our strength as a team comes from our diversity — this explicitly includes language, culture, geography, skills, background, work experience, education, military service, age, gender, orientation, race, and ethnicity.

With a global enterprise, consumer, and government customer base, we proactively recruit people who think differently than we do because it is a strategic and competitive imperative for us to do so.

#2 Resiliency

We require and foster the personal and professional resilience which enables us to be comfortable with adapting to continuous, and often unpredictable change.

#3 Accountability

We make decisions as owners of the business because we are the owners of this business.

#4 Open Communications

We share openly with each other, especially when we disagree with one another.

#5 Smart Thrift

We invest each Dollar, Euro, or Rupee as if it were our own by proactively seeking to maximize the value for the business in every decision we make.

#6 Global Productivity

The best people are everywhere.

How do we achieve our common goal of simplifying communications? A shared commitment to good governance. Every team member signs our Rules of Engagement, which provides us with clear structure, control, and processes.

Want to become part of the story?



TobyChief Executive Officer
Toby, Unified Inbox’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer is also a classically trained pianist. His mocktail and veggie BBQ fans span three continents and two islands.
AbyChief Technology Officer
After 15 years of creating offshore development centers, Chief Technology Officer, Certified Scrum Master Aby splits his time between Bangalore and Kochi.
KenChief Marketing Officer
A cool hunter, Chief Marketing Officer Ken’s passion is connecting people using new technologies. Catch him sharing the latest best practices every week on UK’s Channel Radio.
AlbrechtMember of the Board
Unified Inbox board member Albrecht spends more time in the air and on the water than on land.
RosinaHead of Operations
Rosina gets things done (and makes sure the rest of us do too!). Adventurous, Rosina relocated from Austria to Central America with the love of her life.
TimothyStrategic Partner Alliance APAC & China
Tim cares for our APAC strategic partners, helping them to leverage intelligent IoT Messaging to achieve their business objectives.
CarstenHead of Design
When he’s not curating exhibitions at MOMO’s new Winterbach extension, Carsten creates customer experiences to make Unified Inbox’s platforms and products easy to use.
Designer Marcel transforms users’ needs and desires into the experiences that fulfill them. He’s passionate about human-centered design and sustainable technology.
EmyDeveloper Program Manager
Emy is a technology addict, DJ, drummer, and ronin. He loves finding simple solutions to complex problems.
GulraizDirector of Marketing and PR
Crack footballer, cricketer, and guitarist Gulraiz is our global connectivity champion. He believes the saddest thing on earth is wasting great talent.
SilviuSystem Administrator
Customers share their ideas with us for additional capabilities, and shaman Silviu finds ways to bring all of those new capabilities to life.
AndreasSoftware Architect
Andreas excels at looking beyond technology’s hype to solve the problems users just shouldn’t have.
UI/UX designer Franziska creates outstanding user experiences by making interfaces friendly and fun. She also has an increasingly rare design skill, she can draw!
When he’s not chasing Pokemon around Boston and Orlando, Matt is teaching our customers around the world how to use our products to increase their revenues.
NushKey Account Manager
Nush oversees the enterprise, academic, and government customers who implement our smart home, smart industry, and smart city intelligent IoT messaging solutions.
HeshamDirector, MENA
Hesham cares for our partners in the Middle East and North Africa, helping them to achieve their business objectives with UnificationEngine™.
JamesDirector, Silicon Valley Office
Just as Artificial Intelligence puts messaging platforms at the heart of the Internet of Things, James puts Unified Inbox at the heart of Silicon Valley.
AnandSHOUT Product Leader
Kiwi. Friend of SAP and UnificationEngine™, foe of natural and manmade disasters. When disaster strikes, SHOUT!


Dr. Darl Kolb
Dr. Darl KolbProfessor of Connectivity
Darl is the world’s first Professor of Connectivity, and a pioneering theorist on social and technical connectivity.
Rob van Kranenburg
Rob van KranenburgIoT Council Founder
Founder of the world’s largest independent IoT think tank, Rob forges broad alliances between applications and infrastructures, supporting visions of IoT that script solidarity and sharing.
Sudha Jamthe
Sudha JamtheIoT Disruptions CEO
Technology futurist Sudha is not only CEO of IoTDisruptions.com and producer of the “IoT Show,” but author of three books on the intersection of IoT and AI. She loves inspiring kids to pursue STEM.
Nathan Zeldes
Nathan ZeldesIORG Chairman
Chairman of the Information Overload Research Group, Nathan helps organizations solve challenging problems at the intersection of information technology and human behavior.
Rainer Erlat
Rainer Erlatredpartners Co-Founder
A former EMC International Board Member, HP Europe and EMC Europe President, and Kontron Supervisory Board Chairman, Rainer is a Co-Founder and Partner of redpartners GmbH.
Wolfgang Baier
Wolfgang BaierLuxasia Group CEO
Starting his career as a Partner at McKinsey & Company and previously the Group CEO of Singapore Post, Wolfgang is a digital transformation enthusiast.
Dirk Wolter
Dirk WolterCisco Systems Mobile Network Technologies APAC MD
With over 20 years of experience in global leadership roles, Dirk is Cisco Systems’ APAC region Managing Director of Mobile Network Technologies and a startup enthusiast with investments across Asia.
Scott Singer
Scott SingerRio Tinto CIO (ret.)
Former Chief Information Officer for Rio Tinto, Scott has also served as Rio Tinto’s Head of Global Business Services and Chief Procurement Officer.

“We become what we behold.
We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.”

– Marshall McLuhan