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Our people

Our diversity mirrors the countries, languages, ages, genders, races, ethnicities, orientations, and experiences of our customers, and creates our company’s culture.

Our diversity is our edge

How and why we do things define us even more than what we make and sell.

We are a globally distributed team. We work from where we can be the most productive. And our regional offices, centers of innovative collaboration with our customers, enable us to live and work in our customers’ communities.

Our mission is to give people back the time and focus that has been lost over the past two decades. Technology altered the communications landscape and behaviors so dramatically, that people can no longer process the information they have available to them.

The future of communications is in simplifying experiences. By making the complex simple, we create the freedom of connectivity which will enable us to harmoniously integrate our life and work.

We write history every single day. And we inspire and support others by enriching and fulfilling the lives of people around the world – including our own.

Our Six Values

#1 Respect

We respect each other’s differences.

Our strength as a team comes from our diversity — this explicitly includes language, culture, geography, skills, background, work experience, education, military service, age, gender, orientation, race, and ethnicity.

With a global customer base, we proactively recruit people who think differently than we do.

#2 Resiliency

We require and foster the personal and professional resilience which enables us to be comfortable with adapting to continuous, and often unpredictable change.

#3 Accountability

We make decisions as owners of the business because we are the owners of this business. This includes finding solutions for customers where others can’t.

#4 Open Communications

We share openly with each other, especially when we disagree with one another.

#5 Smart Thrift

We invest each Dollar, Euro, and Rupee as if it were our own by proactively seeking to maximize the value for the business in every decision we make.

#6 Global Productivity

To achieve our shared commitment to good governance, every team member signs UIB’s Rules of Engagement, which provides us with clear structures, controls, and processes.

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Toby Ruckert
Toby RuckertCEO and Board Member
Toby, UIB’s Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Board Member is also a classically trained pianist. His mocktail and veggie BBQ fans span three continents and two islands.
Aby Varghese
Aby VargheseChief Technology Officer
After 15 years of creating offshore development centers, Chief Technology Officer and Certified Scrum Master Aby splits his time between Bangalore and Kochi.
Ken Herron
Ken HerronChief Marketing Officer
A cool hunter, Chief Marketing Officer Ken’s passion is connecting people using new technologies. He hosted the award-winning “Social Solutions” podcast for seven years.
Dean Sackett
Dean SackettChief Operating Officer
UIB Chief Operating Officer Dean’s desire to explore the world and to build successful organizations has led him to calling seven countries across three continents home.
Rosina Haberl
Rosina HaberlHead of Operations
With over 20 years of experience, Rosina provides UIB with the infrastructure and culture it requires to seize opportunities everywhere they occur.
Carsten Czech
Carsten CzechHead of Design
When he’s not curating exhibitions at MOMO’s new Winterbach extension, Carsten makes UIB’s platforms and products easy to use.
Nazanine Matin
Nazanine MatinHead of Finance
Monaco-based Head of Finance Nazanine has 18 years of industry experience, eight patents in medical devices, and is the Founder and Curator of TEDxMonteCarlo.
Bernd Krieger
Bernd KriegerVP Sales Europe
With 30+ years of enterprise software sales experience, Bernd helps UIB’s customers across Europe to achieve their critical business objectives with IoT.
Nush Khan
Nush KhanKey Account Manager
Nush oversees the enterprise, academic, and government customers who implement our smart home, smart industry, and smart city solutions.
Gulraiz Khalid
Gulraiz KhalidBus. Dev. MENA
Crack footballer, cricketer, and guitarist Gulraiz is our global connectivity champion. He believes the saddest thing on earth is wasting great talent.
Stefan Fuchs
Stefan FuchsBus. Dev. Germany
With experience in both the public and private sector, Stefan helps UIB’s government and enterprise customers to achieve their objectives with IoT and AI.
Guan Ming Jiao
Guan Ming JiaoChina Account Manager
Based in bustling downtown Shanghai, Heather drives UIB’s growth in China through supporting UIB’s customer, business, and partner development.
Marcel Rönnfeldt
Marcel RönnfeldtDesigner
Marcel transforms users’ needs and desires into experiences that fulfill them. He’s passionate about human-centered design and sustainable technology.
Anand Patil
Anand PatilSHOUT Product Leader
Kiwi. Friend of SAP HANA and UnificationEngine® intelligent IoT messaging, foe of natural and manmade disasters. When disaster strikes, SHOUT!
Kiryat Vasquez
Kiryat VasquezBackoffice
Part of UIB’s Americas team, Kiryat supports the company’s departments by helping them to make sure key projects get done on time and on budget.
Andreas Jaekle
Andreas JaekleSoftware Architect
UIB Software Architect Andreas excels at looking beyond technology’s hype cycles to solve the everyday problems users just shouldn’t have to experience.
Martin Wagner
Martin WagnerSoftware Intern
Martin engineers the cutting-edge capabilities for UIB’s newest products, and advocates for smarter IoT security and the open source movement.
Bangalore, India
Bangalore, IndiaR&D Team
Our talented R&D team members create the technologies that help our customers to reduce their costs, increase their revenues, and delight their customers.
Daisy Jiang
Daisy JiangBoard Member
Daisy has over 20 years of experience in engineering and product management in both big companies and enterprise, consumer, and mobile startups.
Albrecht Buchner
Albrecht BuchnerBoard Member
Albrecht has over 40 years of experience in Asia and Europe serving as a consultant, director, negotiator, broker-dealer, and liaison manager.


Rob van Kranenburg
Rob van KranenburgIoT Council Founder
Founder of the world’s largest independent IoT think tank, the IoT Council, Rob forges broad alliances between applications and infrastructures, supporting visions of IoT that script solidarity and sharing.
Sudha Jamthe
Sudha JamtheIoT Disruptions CEO
Technology futurist Sudha is not only CEO of and producer of the “IoT Show,” but author of four books on the intersection of IoT and AI. She loves inspiring boys and girls to pursue STEM.
Dr. Darl Kolb
Dr. Darl KolbProfessor of Connectivity
Darl is he world’s first Professor of Connectivity, and a pioneering theorist on social and technical connectivity at the University of Auckland Graduate School of Management.
Lai Yong Chee
Lai Yong CheeInvestor and Strategic Advisor
Lai Yong led three hypergrowth businesses for Accenture, including creating one of their most profitable global businesses as Senior Managing Director – Health and Public Service APAC.
Nathan Zeldes
Nathan ZeldesIORG Chairman
Chairman of the Information Overload Research Group, Nathan helps organizations solve challenging problems at the intersection of information technology and human behavior.
Carlo Simoni
Carlo SimoniPrivate Investor
Completing over two dozen successful acquisitions in 29 years, Carlo was the Chairman and sole shareholder of engineered packaging company Chick Companies.

“We become what we behold.
We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.”

– Marshall McLuhan