How to Train Employees To Be Social Media Superstars

How to Train Employees To Be Social Media Superstars

The risks of having a single employee do all of your social media posts are far more serious than just burnout. It reduces quality and diversity by artificially limiting your company and your brand from tapping customer-facing employees, technical employees, and even executives’  viewpoints. And to maintain your brand’s voice, you need to adhere to a certain level of content quality, and avoid potentially viral gaffes and errors. Here are a few tips on how to train employees to be social media superstars.


How To Train Employees To Be Social Media Superstars


1. Show, Don’t Tell: 

It’s not easy for just two people on the same team to have the same exact views on a topic. Social media is no different and nor is how people think a brand should be represented. Viewpoints are subjective by definition, and acting like Dilbert’s pointy-haired boss and not give enough guidance will only make things worse. What helps a new employee most is not sharing abstract PowerPoint charts on your company and brand’s vision shared in a dark conference room, but real, hands-on experience.

Use Outbox Pro, the tool that makes employee training experiential. Allow employees to create social media content and then put their content in your approval funnel. Once you get the content, edit it and show them how you would do it differently. In a surprisingly short period of time, they will self-learn and improve automatically. A tool like Outbox Pro allows you to roll out an auto-learning mechanism to the entire team in minutes.

2. Dispel the Myths: 

Many employees come with their own beliefs on what works and what doesn’t on social media. For example, even some high-level employees think it’s perfectly acceptable to simply delete and/or ignore negative comments posted online. Unfortunately, views like this can not only derail your social media strategy but cause serious brand and company damage. I’ve always felt that as social marketers and brand managers, it is our responsibility to promote and propagate the tenets of good marketing, because regaining lost trust is so much more difficult than earning it in the first place. Listening tools enable you to make decisions based on facts and data instead of beliefs and bias. Active listening enables you to develop a data-based culture in your social team and across the entire organization.

3. Be Human: 

It may surprise some people, but setting up a scheduling bot will not make you a social media champ. It will keep you active on a channel, but your audience will quickly realize it’s a nothing more than barking broadcasting bot they can ignore. The idea of owning a social media channel starts from being present on these channels. Don’t be afraid to show who you really are and share your own views (and if your views are not in synch with your company’s, a quick reminder that Unified Inbox is hiring!).

When you’re training your team, be sure to help them to understand that social media does not run on auto-pilot or without engaging with people one-on-one. Social media is an incredible channel to connect with your existing and prospective customers by showcasing the diversity of thought within your teams and companies – some customers will use Android, some will use iPhone, and there will even be some who still love their BlackBerries. This is an easy way to differentiate your brand and your business, armed of course, with the best social publishing tools!

The time to begin starts NOW.

Still asking yourself why you need to go through the effort of training your employees on social media?

Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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