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Technology Vision

We leverage technology to enable people to simply communicate.

Look at your mobile phone’s Contacts!

What do you see? People?

In the very near future, thanks to the UnificationEngine™ (UE) Internet of Things ( IoT) Messaging platform, when you look at your smartphone’s contacts, you will see “My Home,” “My Car,” “My Office,” and even individual appliances — washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, oven.

Today, smart devices can be remotely controlled and send you alerts and notifications via a dedicated (often manufacturer-specific) app. UE empowers you to remotely control and receive alerts and notifications from your connected devices using the communications channels you use most, and if you choose, selects your the best channel for your message.

The list of UE-compatible social networks is growing fast, and already includes: email, SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, KakaoTalk, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Xing, Weibo, Pinterest, Instagram, and proprietary enterprise social networks and messaging/chat apps.

Whether for consumer, business, or government use cases, UE is the Internet of Communications for the Internet of Things!

Consumer Internet of Things (CIoT) Examples

  • WhatsApp your TV to record your favorite show
  • Get an email from your sneakers with your run’s analytics
  • Facebook Message your blender that great Mojito recipe you spot on Facebook

Industry Internet of Things (IIoT) Examples

  • Get a text with safety guidelines from your safety vest when you enter a dangerous area at work
  • Receive a Viber message from your printing press when your consumables hit an “amount remaining” level you have set
  • Get a push notification from your farm drone when it spots something that doesn’t look right
  • Your power grid sends customers a morning WeChat message, letting them know the cheapest times to run their appliances

Government Internet of Things (GIoT) Examples

  • Get a Facebook message with a photo (and the best alternate routes) from a stoplight that just saw an accident on your way to work
  • City service contractors receive a tweet when garbage bins in the park need emptying
  • Get a push notification from your security camera something doesn’t look right

What makes Unified Inbox unique?

As new companies jump on the Internet of Things (IoT) bandwagon, you are going to see products from other companies which do a piece or two of what Unified Inbox’s IoT Messaging and Unified Communications technology platforms do.

Our UnificationEngine (UE) architecture was built to handle millions of requests per minute.

We did this by building UE’s core using the Google-created open source Go Programming language and the Apache Cassandra open source database. We chose Cassandra because it is a distributed database management system designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers. Why do you care as a Unified Inbox customer? You care because this enables us to provide you with exceptionally high availability with no single point of failure.

Cassandra also offers robust support for clusters spanning multiple data centers with asynchronous, masterless replication. This matters to you because it allows for low latency for all clients.

Finally, UE and its core connectors are all hosted by AWS, the global leader in  cloud-computing services, operating from 13 regions around the world. You care because this provides you with the peace of mind from having industry-leading scalability and security.


Learn more about the Unified Inbox’s IoT Messaging technology platform, and see consumer, enterprise, and government use cases at:

UE is Unified Inbox’s technology platform for IoT Messaging. UE enables machine to human (M2H) and human to machine (H2M) communications through a single, intelligent Application Programming Interface (API). With UE, products and software can communicate with people and things.

UE makes connected products IoT Messaging-ready by connecting devices and software to users on the most popular communications channels through a single, unified API.

UE saves you hassle, time and money by letting you focus on your product, application or backend — instead of constantly changing communications channel APIs.



Learn more about Unified Inbox’s open source user interface for a single, smart inbox on GitHub at:

Do you use email, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and other communications channels? Ever wish the alerts and notifications came into a single messaging feed within the program you are using so you can read and reply to them from a single smart inbox without leaving your program or having to flip between a dozen different apps on your phone?

Unified Inbox’s OpenInbox open source user interface provides developers with a single user interface that can be used to access and respond to them (including posting on social media) from within your program.

With OpenInbox, manufacturers, companies, and developers can enable their users to send and receive messages from a single inbox, you’re unified inbox.