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We develop the world’s top intelligent IoT messaging solutions.

Don’t have the time, people, or skills?

Let Unified Inbox do your IoT development work for you!

Unified Inbox can quickly and cost-effectively deliver the following services for your business, school, or government:

  • Develop custom rapid prototypes and Proof of Concepts (PoCs);
  • Setup and configure turnkey LoRaWAN networks; and
  • Integrate intelligent IoT messaging with existing public or proprietary communications platforms.

IoT Layers


Defines the application, value, and benefits for the user of the device, and the commercial value for the manufacturer of the device


Provides the options for how the device is accessed and controlled by the user, and how the device interacts with the user


Hold the logic for the device provisioning, security, developer access, and feature mapping between the device’s capabilities and its user


Provides the device with local and/or internet network access to other devices through which it sends and receives data


The (powered) device itself, including its electronic components, data-capturing sensors, and wired/wireless modules

We make IoT easy!

What We Do

While some companies, institutions, and governments are comfortable creating rapid prototypes for their intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) messaging solutions in-house, many of them choose to engage Unified Inbox to create, manage, and execute the Proof of Concepts (PoCs) for their products.

Unified Inbox is currently developing PoCs in the areas of smart homes, smart industries (also called Industry 4.0 and enterprise intelligence), and smart cities for a wide array of different global enterprise, academic, and government clients.

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Smart Home

Recent Unified Inbox smart home intelligent IoT messaging PoCs include: refrigerators, dishwashers, air conditioners, ovens, cars, garages, home security systems, lighting controls, power and backup power systems, audio/video entertainment systems, water quality, and water tank systems.


Smart Industry

Recent Unified Inbox smart industry (Industry 4.0 and enterprise intelligence) intelligent IoT messaging PoCs include: water pumps, safety vests, forklift beacons, safety helmets, power, security, floors/walls/roofs (for identifying cracks), earthquake sensors, and landscaping and agricultural systems.


Smart City

Recent Unified Inbox smart city/smart nation intelligent IoT messaging PoCs include: trash bins, traffic lights, bus stops, parking meters, water quality systems, flood level monitoring, electrical grids, street lighting, surveillance systems, garbage trucks, public transportation, air quality sensors, noise level sensors, dirt level sensors, weather sensors, connected fleets, first responders, billboards and transit communications systems, and waste management solutions.


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