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Our Mission

We give people back time.
Our technologies enable people to simply communicate.

It started with wanting to solve a problem…


We started UIB to solve the problem of information overload by integrating all of our different communications channels — including email, voice mail, texts, social media, messaging and chat apps, and push notifications into a single, unified inbox. To power this unified inbox, we created the UnificationEngine®.



With the explosion in IoT, we have sharpened our focus on intelligent IoT messaging. UE solves the problems of interoperability, security, and convenience, including the problem of app overload by eliminating the need for additional apps to talk to your smart devices at the last mile.

UE use cases

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Waiheke Island


Toby on Waiheke Island

While living on Waiheke Island off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand, one of Toby Ruckert’s businesses struggles with information overload, giving him the idea for what would eventually become the UnificationEngine®.

Toby acquires the domain name, becomes the CEO and Founder of Unified Inbox, and files for the company’s first patent.


1) Build team, 2) Build product


Patent Urkunde Unified Inbox 2011

Toby recruits the initial team. The company receives its first patent (and immediately files for more). Unified Inbox creates its minimum viable product (MVP), a “collaborative team inbox.”


Information overload


New Zealand TV3

Unified Inbox becomes a corporate champion against the rapidly growing problem of Information Overload. Unified Inbox is a finalist in the Business Insider Startup Competition, powered by Gust. The company’s first angel investors sign on, and the first (seed) round of funding is raised. Toby demonstrates the Unified Inbox MVP live on New Zealand’s TV3. Unified Inbox launches a limited beta release for its flagship collaborative team inbox product.


Be careful what you wish for


Unified Inbox Web App

Unified Inbox launches its web app, and quickly realizes the high sales and support costs of running a service for millions of global users.

To grow users while managing costs, Unified Inbox signs deals with telcos, who will become hosting and distribution partners, but the development of iOS and Android mobile apps is required before the product can be rolled out.

To give Unified Inbox the mobile apps it needs for the global rollout, it acquires Hello Inbox.

Edward Snowden’s revelations freeze global telcos rollout plans, as Unified Inbox’s technology has to be rebuilt to address users’ and partners increased concerns about privacy and security.


Hello Singapore!


Marina Bay Sands

Unified Inbox restructures, and moves its global headquarters to Singapore to capture both Asian and Western partners, social networks, and users.

The company joins the SAP HANA Startup Focus program and creates InboxRank®.

Unified Inbox opens a subsidiary in Germany and acquires SMAK and SocialGrow to increase its expertise in social media.


Meet UnificationEngine



Unified Inbox uses UnificationEngine® to create and launch Outbox Pro for social media publishing.

The business changes its strategy from product development to platform development. Toby creates the concept of the Internet of Communications.

Unified Inbox closes a new funding round, and partners with Auckland University to create and launch Media Flow analytics for communications channels.


Intelligent IoT messaging


Unification Engine

Unified Inbox launches the UnificationEngine® (UE) developer platform and OpenInbox® developer community.

The business announces exciting new partnerships with China’s Oviphone and Malaysia’s REDtone IOT.

The company focuses on UE intelligent IoT messaging for smart home, smart enterprise, and smart city solutions to make it as easy for people to chat with their “things” as it is to chat with their friends on the communications channels they use most.


Tipping point


Unified Inbox 2011

Jeremy Wagstaff  and IBM “discovered” us;

New advisors joined our team;

We felt like we were everywhere, including CES in Las Vegas, MWC in Barcelona, SXSW in Austin, CeBIT in Hannover, IBM GoT in Munich, Bosch BCW in Berlin, IBM Connect in Singapore, IFA back in Berlin, and GITEX in Dubai to name just a few;

We launched our live, interactive Demo Website to show everyone what UnificationEngine® (UE) can do in smart home, smart enterprise, and smart city environments;

UE-powered SHOUT won a 2017 SAP Innovation Award and our Demo Website above won a 2017 Webby Technical Achievement Award; and

Matt Gooderick featured us in the FUTUREPROOF video series (his interview with Ken at CeBIT starts at 2:36).

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