Having a coffee with UIB UnificationEngine™ Developer Dibish KS

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I had the opportunity this week to sit down with UIB UnificationEngine (UE) intelligent IoT messaging platform developer Dibish KS in UIB’s Bengaluru office. Here’s what I learned:

A Real-World IoT Solution for Real-World IoT Problems

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What is the most important Internet of Things (IoT) problem to solve? Getting devices connected to the internet? Securing their respective cloud infrastructures? Analytics? They’re all important, but

Toby Ruckert, CEO – Unified Inbox, demonstrating a UnificationEngine Healthcare application.

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Toby Ruckert, CEO - Unified Inbox, demonstrates how medical equipment can automatically and seamlessly communicate as and when required through the UnificationEngine that powers Intelligent IoT Messaging. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=074lM00xVBc&feature=youtu.be