Smart Home Appliance and Electronics Companies to watch at #CES2018

Smart Home Appliance and Electronics Companies to watch at #CES2018

If you’re a technology company, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held every January in Las Vegas, is likely on your “must” list of annual events. With almost 200,000 visitors and 4,000 exhibitors, here’s a quick look at what’s expected from some of the global leaders in smart homes appliances and electronics at the show.

LG has been showcasing how users can control their devices remotely since 2014. At CES 2014, LG revealed a system that allowed consumers to communicate with their LG appliances using the LINE messenger app. LG is expected to reveal new integrations between their products and Amazon and Google’s lines of smart speakers/virtual assistants.

At CES 2018, Bosch is focusing on the challenges of urbanization. According to Bosch’s website, their targets include “improved air quality, greater energy efficiency, more clever mobility, and more stability.” Similarly, they will be featuring solutions such as new Bosch technology that can assist with finding parking spots in congested cities. There are also solutions for smart homes, smart enterprise, and autonomous vehicles. Bosch is also hinting at announcements of internet connectivity amongst previously ‘dumb’ devices.

Whirlpool has not publicized much before CES 2018’s opening day beyond hinting at a ‘smart’ home focused on kitchen and laundry appliances. Expect to see new internet connectivity allowing a Whirlpool mobile app to control and communicate their appliances.

Beyond their renown phones and televisions, Samsung is a major player across all home appliance categories. Refrigerators and washer/dryers are very popular among consumers due to their Samsung’s consistent quality, features, and value. For CES 2018, Samsung has pre-announced a new generation of ‘Family Hub’ refrigerator. This refrigerator incorporates Samsung’s Bixby AI assistant and functions as part of their SmartThings ecosystem. The refrigerator also has some bold new features, including the ability to stream music and mirror Samsung’s Smart TVs. It’s also expected Samsung will reveal further functionality between their appliances and the SmartThings ecosystem.

Belkin’s Wemo pre-announced their compatibility with Apple’s Homekit. This allows the Apple Homekit app to control Wemo hardware which allows Apple Homekit to control power outlets, light switches, and bulbs through the Wemo technology. We anticipate the release of further connectivity between Wemo and other interfaces and new Wemo hardware that will allow Apple Homekit to use Wemo to control more home appliances and electronics.

What are you looking forward to seeing on day 1 at CES2018?


Author: Charles Sackett

An admitted smart home geek, Charles is a student at The British School Al Khubairat in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He has an interest in all forms of technology from automobiles, video game systems to other computer-based devices.



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